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Hi, I am Traudl, a normal, big breasted and shaved housewife from Austria. But I have a craving for sperm, because I learned and I feel, that sperm is my live-elixir. All what I do or let do with me, I do it for getting cum. And I am a 3-hole-slut. Since 2002 I am siliconed with 3100 gramms. If my husband Bob phones me from his work for sex, I must change my outfit into a streetwhore and than I must come with my car to a place in a forest.

If I meet him, I make it sure, that I am ready for a fast sex in whore-clothing. I meet him in leather, rubber or PVC-clothing and very high heels. Sometimes I must wear dildo slips or weights at my pussy lips.
Bob can use me like a whore. Both we love fully clothed sex. But I have a problem: I am a very small and petite woman. I am 1.58 m tall and I weights 56 kg. My clothing size is XS (8). Bob is a big and tall man, 2.00 m and 100 kg. And he have a long and big cock.

It is painful for me, to take his cock in all my holes, because Bob doesn't´t knows pity with me, if he rams his cock in me. I try for not cry, but sometimes I must it. Therefore Bob often stretches my pussy and ass for helping me. He loves it, to give me big rubber cocks in all three holes. He has a big collection. He says, I am a rubber cock-whore. After my job with Bob my holes are always destroyed. He makes pics from me before, while and after sex.. Come in my side. But there are some pics, I little bit ashamed therefore